Two Loves

There he was, again.

Albeit all that was happening around him, he always seemed oblivious to it. He loved her, she knew it. They were like peanut butter jelly, inseparable. One could see She oozed true beauty, a dark faded black skin tone.

And when offered the chance, he would parade her to all that cared for that chance ; be it a listening ear or a glimpsing eye. And when she set foot on that glaring stage,  her presence would tame even the wildest audience mumming them into hushed tones and finally a pin. Drop . Silence. Then it began, the Choreographed  movements that were coupled with angelic sounds. Carefully interwoven drumbeats accompanied by a heavy bass drop. Then the beautiful distinct sound of her vocal intonations were belted out in passionate resonating song that landed softly on the  earlobes into their ears. ‘That was one majestic performance!!!, when is the next one? ‘ asked person one, 1hr later as the show ended. ..

None could refute the fact that He was sprung, she understood that. And she was strung too for when she was around him, her true being came forth. She couldn’t hide the oh so obvious fact that only he could make her sing to any tune he wanted, and turn through any bend he saw fit; Scaling-up to the highest peak they’d climb, while slowly pulling-off to  calm the thrill that came off from wanting to go further. The beauty  of it all is that he knew her limits, many a time testing them in order to be sure where to or not to cross the line.  And of the many times he did so, you would inarguably see that he was deeply penitent by the way he made up for his blunders.

Their attraction was like a well documented historical event, every detail to the very core understood, every action with due consequence, every breath abated. His Sensei, on seeing the zeal he had when he first saw her, knew she was a keeper. So he made effort to make sure that he would not get in the way of the times they bonded alone. It was of great importance that they did so cause that’s how deep meaningful relationships blossom. His Gakusei  proved to be his greatest protégé, a stellar student indeed, who paid great attention to his sage advice. He followed instruction to the letter and every task given  to completion. He disciplined him where needed and when the time to part ways finally came, he gave them his blessings. He was enraptured. Finally he could jump the broom to the next phase of life. The freedom and autonomy of being able to make the ‘big man’ decisions was finally on his hands. Now it was up to him to chart out his life, to lead and maybe even mentor another.


An awkward silence engulfed her when her girlfriends asked, ‘ so do you like him? ‘.. Visceral conviction got the best of her as she paused for a minute. …and ten 9 … Of course she did, but she could never see herself as being more than friends. But how? This would be an epic world war fail if that thought had never crossed his mind. You shouldn’t keep a girl in limbo, it’s like not treating your right arm for an infection while you expect it to..8… still function properly . As mentioned, everyone could see how he lit up with an effortless smile  when he set eyes on her. Yet, you mean he had never mentioned it at all?..7..6….  Somehow she knew she would never get that dream bumpy tuk tuk ride attended with the noisy soda cans screeching out on the tarmac. Not forgetting the ‘just married’ banner splattered in whitewashed paint. She knew she wouldn’t ride off into the sunset with the ‘man of her dreams’ but she knew. She downright knew it! Guy had his eyes set on her and her his. Though she deeply wondered really,.5… would it be wise to pursue this lane? Though she knew she was second to one,  but would she be eternally satisfied that he chose her over her? Could she play second fiddle? 4..3…2 ..1 second..

‘ Yes, I do’ !!

‘ I knew it!! ‘, one of her friends blurted!!!

‘ But me & him can never be ..’ she retorted.

‘ lies!!! But  That boy clearly likes you, even a blind beggar can see it. ‘

She chuckled..

‘ Because there’s another girl…’

‘ WHAT???!!’ .. They gasped

‘ Yes, there is. And he loves her more than he does me. Though the blind may see it,  I’m honestly tired of fighting for his attention. He just doesn’t see me that way cause he’s always if not every time going on and on and on about her. I refuse to be another clandestine affair. ‘

‘ wait, so there were others..? ‘

‘yes… there were. ‘

Then they sat in disbelief..

‘ Do you know them? ‘
‘ Yes, i do. In fact, they warned me that I could not change him, but I ignored their occasional bickering.’

‘ well that’s his loss, in fact, just quit his band all together and go solo. With that voice, you’d easily get a recording deal !!’ said another of her friends in solidarity.

‘ Yes it is!’ , she sighed. ‘ I will never fall for a musician again, that part I’m sure of. ‘

‘ And the saddest part of it all, is that this other girl that he loves and would never trade for anything in this world… is his guitar.’



est 2013

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