Old age with optimism 

Sitted with a close relative, aged 82.. Roughly 58 yrs older than me. He’s pretty well taken care of, who wouldn’t appreciate a place a home; shelter being a basic need at such an age? I definitely would.

beauty (- pronounced be-a-te) is the resident cow. She’s milked twice a day so he doesn’t have to buy processed milk. Her cowshed is put up a few meters from the house. Next to it is a shamba, in it cultivated some vegetables. And a chicken shed? Idk what its official name is but there are chickens all over the compound,  Typical late rural retirement life, just how you’d imagine it( at least in my imagination, which is reality right in front of me : ).His wife died a few years ago, so theres caretaker around. Idk if he’s sad, or he misses her.. I’ve never gotten to ask him that question. Love her, that I’m sure he did.
This is not his actual home though, he used to live somewhere along kiambu road. But was moved due to his current residence due to unavoidable circumstances. He misses home. He’s got his clothes ready and 250/- in his pocket looking for a ‘ mwanya ‘ to up and leave. every time he sees one of his relatives, he always speaks about how he’s readying and will leave to go back to kiambu any minute now. His optimism is upbeat. And we always nod in the affirmative, yes…you will go back home.
Today, particularly I see him with a small booklet. his old age has given way to his eyesight and he can’t read the fine print. he can only read larger words , which is basically the heading of the hymn. I ask him what he’s reading..
” Nu gafuku haha ndinako ka rwimbo cia gikuyu ”  – ( its just a kikuyu hymbook )
I ask him for it. He hands it over to me, I peruse thought it and I ask if he knows this particular hymn..*points*
I start humming the tune, and we start singing it… He seems to recall it from memory. And we sing the whole of it, all 5 stanzas, but after repeating stanza 3 three times. I look for another one, but I hardly know most of them.. *bummer* I’m impressed though, and glad. Happy as a matter of fact. 🙂
I’m impressed becuase we’ve sang the hymn despite the fact that he’s asked me what my name is 5 times today. And five times I’ve told him what it is. When he steps out to bask in the sunny Saturday weather and comes back into the house because it’s become too hot outside… He greets me with enthusiasm. Like he’s never seen me before.
” We niwe uu ? Ha wetagwo atia? ” ( who are you? what did you say your name is again ? ) I tell him.
Afterwards, He talks about how he’s going to see his goats that are not even in the compound to begin with.
Minutes later, I follow him outside. Find him next to the cowshed with a bic shaver on his hand. Dude does it raw!!!! No sabuni, shaving cream nada. Who has time for a mirror? Nyoas everything. Beate possibly has some hair follicles in her digestive tract as we speak. 😄😄 I’m impressed.
 Me, Beate and garana shaving RAAAAWWW YO!
One of his relatives drop by, and he seems to recognize him. But can’t remember his name. He points at me,
” Niumue uyu.?” ( do you know him?)
“Asa, aga ndire ndamwona. Eeeh wetagwo atia? ” ( no i have never seen him, pray tell, what is your name? )
” Njitagwo kienjeku, njitagwo tawe. Nie ninie ngarana. ” ( i’m called kienjeku, i am your namesake )
“Ooooh, okay. Ni thegiu.”  ( oh, okay. Many thanks 🙂
I’ll issue a disclaimer. James 4:13- 17.
Can’t help to think of my life, 58yrs from now. There’s a possibility I might suffer from the same condition as my relative. Having memory lapses, having Alzheimer’s disease. What will my life be like at such an age? Well for starters, I might have to relearn playing the guitar again. Man, yo!  Having kids and grandkids whom I’ve taught guitar, they are obliged to reciprocate, at least I’d expect it if they want to enjoy long life. Ephesians 6:1-3 because I’ll have fulfilled verse 4.
58 yrs from now, I will want to have kept the faith. I will want to recite scripture that has encouraged me over and over through my toughest times, I’ll want to remember Romans 8:28-36, Romans 12:1-4 . I will want to remember of the many times the lord has disciplined me because He loves me through Hebrews 12. I will want to remember to 1st Timothy 6:6 and be content with my circumstances. I will want to have lived out my life as a workman , unashamed Romans 1:16 and approved 2nd Timothy 2:25.
 I will want to rejoice in the Lord always as phillipians 4:1-7. I will want to sing hymns, hopefully in my mother dialect, of the Lords goodness. Tis so sweet to trust in jesus, for he leadeth me. At the cross, where I first saw the light, I asked myself what can wash away my sin? No not one. Such an amazing grace, that saved a wretched man like I. Therefore I realize how I need thee every hour, most precious lord. And even though I cannot remember anything at all, I pray that I remember Ephesians 5:19-20 and sing a new song.
But my greatest happiness, will be that I will know my savior, Jesus Christ. Ill have fully grasped and indulged in the beauty Romans 5:8-11. I’ll have lived out Romans 10:9-15, fulfilled the great commission in my life as Matthew 28, lived it out as Romans 10:14-15, 1st Corinthians 9:19-27.
I will rest in the fact that is phillipians 1:23 – I shall gain because I’m assured of John 14:2-3, 2nd Corinthians 5:6-7. And I shall reap what I’ve sowed Galatians 6:7.
And in my slight forgetfulness, ill realize that my time is nigh. Then I’ll sing this words of this hymn, the last stanza over and over and over again, in delight of my greatest desire – to be with him forever and ever psalms 37:4.

No guilt in life, no fear in death,
This is the power of Christ in me;
From life’s first cry to final breath.
Jesus commands my destiny.
No power of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home,
Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand

Sola Christus

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