Can I Be Honest?

Recently I witnessed two of my friends, the drummer from my ‘band’ called Dan get married to his girlfriend Linda on 21st september 2013. I’ve known Dan for several years now and he has been like big brother to me. And to witness him jump the broom with the girl that he loves ( from the time he asked her to marry him to the bride negotiations in embu till the moment she said I do to him) took me aback in awe of how God truly makes things beautiful in his own time.

Yes. This is going to be one of those mushy posts. :-P. A poem actually,  And its dedicated to Dan, his lovely bride and the many other friends I know are getting married over the course of the next few months. Its been amazing esp given the fact that these other friends are people I know who’ve met, bonded & pursued their relationships with God being the centre of it all; setting the pace for others to follow and learn from. Thank you guys, you’re truly an inspiration 😀 may you have a prosperous and beautiful marriage!


Above : Mr & Mrs Dan Mwangi.

Also, to the other friends I know who are getting married ..
Edu & Yvonne – 1st nov
Dave and Serah -13th Dec
Caleb and julz – 14th DEC
May God shine his favor upon you!! 🙂

This is my first ever poem, I’m still thinking whether or not to pursue this poetry thing tho’.. enjoy.

From a dudes perspective :

Can I be Honest?

In all honesty,

Your service for God drew me in,
Your love for Him fazed me still,
Wowed by your modesty, it made me think,
Then your innocent smile left me weak.

In all honesty,

These feelings, they ached. I don’t know if I was ashamed,
So I prayed hard, for my heart it pained,
Then He came, told me it was okay to feel this way,
It’s time for you to Man up. He said, and step up your game.

In all honesty,

My resolve has never proved to be any more clear,
My vision doesn’t even need a seer,
My intention, is to pursue, and not veer,
For Like a cheetah, I have seen you, my deer.

In all honesty,

I am called to honor you,
And I’ll strive to stay true,
Tame my ego & Apologize for where I’ve wronged you,
Reform and move on, cause you know that’s how we do.

In all honesty

I’d take a stand before all the men and women in your life,
And before them someday, take you to be my lawfully wedded wife,
With God leading us, we shall sail through the tide,
And he’ll one day say,
‘Well done good and faithful servants, now sit by my right hand side’

So I’ll assure you this,

To honor you, I’ll make it my pride,
To abhor from defiling you I’ll strive,
To valiantly protect you through strife,
In this temporal adventure called life.

And I’ll constantly pray

That just as Christ died for you; I’d be willing to die too
And Above all
Just as Christ loved the church, I shall love you.

Can I be honest?

lover of God,
lover of Man,
Lover of Music.

9 thoughts on “Can I Be Honest?

  1. Thank you very much for the lovely poem Dan :-):-):-) God bless you and keep us all.

    Quick one: out wedding is on 13th December, Caleb n Julz is 14th December.

    Sammy Njoroge and Joy Kendi are also getting married on 5th October, in a week 😀

    We give God all the glory.


  2. Thanks Caleb and Serah,
    Indeed soli deo Gloria. 🙂

    And I stand corrected, sorry for the slight mistake. I have rectified it and will keep all the said dates in mind.

    You guys are awesome btw, is mungu! 🙂

  3. Mr. Danco Mwanamziki!!!!
    Thanks alot bro for this post, noma sana…made my day bro. God bless you abundantly and may He lead you in all your ways. Poetry could be one of your many talents within you, so go for it bro!!
    You are one blessed man and am honored to know you. Baraka.

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