Ticket out of the friend zone? Well, it’s about time you Purchased it !!

Image Recently, i have come to find myself in situations that require me to think or even talk about relationships. I, in all honesty don’t like having such kind of talks because of personal reasons, but if anyone was to ask for my advice on the said topic, i would happily give it to them. Not that i have any kind of experience in being in one but i have read vastly and widely on the same.

And in the midst of it all that I came across something interesting, which i’d like to share. Some of you guys must’ve heard of this christian spoken word artists called P4CM ( Passion 4 Christ movement) & it so happens that i subscribe to their YouTube channel. A relatively new upload was this poem by TheBREAX. Also it’s one of those spoken word pieces that leave you snapping your fingers, no lil John, but out of appreciation, nodding your head in approval because of the captivating rhymes fused in witty wordplay, puns that , if i may quote a favorite

       ” i wanna soar so that i may get Son burned and Lose a little flesh “

leave you ‘ Oooh Bammm!! , sorry *snaps fingers*.

But here’s the video itself, four poems in its entirety..

but i’d foward you to 8:15 onwards, plus i tried listening in to what they were saying, wrote it down, and for where i was not sure of their wordings, i starred. You can read along, if you want to.

Belief of the Breax:

Ladies, lemme let you in on a little secret, Good men aint hard to find, they right here waiting for you to open your eyes.

See  you’ve been dealing with the same jokes for a while, With the dudes you call when you need to smile. They look at your body like you’re a piece of meat, We tell you things that make you feel complete. When you feel weak we give you compliments to build your self esteem

You know who we are

**We listen to you talk on the phone during those long boring sleepy drives home And what do we get.. A bottle of cologne?

Fellaz if you’ve ever got a bottle of cologne for your birthday or for Christmas All that means is .. You can smell better.

Forever putting you  in the friend zone.

Real men, we put in the real work. We feel the real hurt when you say things like..  ‘ Oh him? He’s just too nice..’ Too Nice?  Yeah you thought I was too nice when till I bust that side of your head with this flowers!!!! (audience loools 🙂 )

Too nice is an oxymoron! You’re a **combinated idiot of you don’t see me for who I am.

See I don’t wanna be the dude(s) you call when you need a ride but …. but I’d love to pick you up.

And I don’t wanna be the dude(s) you call when you need help moving but … aah I’d love to move you.

And I don’t wanna help you put together your desk from ikea …but I have  this thing about building you up..

And I don’t wanna help you find your lost dog.. But whatever you’re searching for in life I  wanna assist you in finding it. 🙂

And I’m reminded when you say things like.. ‘ he just can’t be for me.. He’s not as tall as I expected.. Or he’s too dark *complected .. Or  You do the worst.. You compare me to some other dudes you’ve already met. Like he’s the standard.

You really wanna see the difference between me and him? You really wanna compare and contrast? Measure the both of us to Christ. see where he falls.

& **like surer than me *I’m sure of it And I know Christ fell short of peoples expectations  upon appearance but He never failed.

And I haven’t failed you thus far so imma leave you alone but my only request is that you take my name out of the friend zone.

I’ll conclude:

*snaps fingers* *snaps fingers again* *thinks about breaking fingers* *eermm  that is probably not a good idea* !!

To the friend zoning sister in the faith – surely, * sighs*.

To the christian nice guy in the ‘ friend zone’ : Just to really stamp it in, A bit of advice from theBREAX, and something i was told that still sticks out like a sore thumb : Girls have their whole Proverbs 31 woman thingy going on, we guys have an unseen chapter ie Proverbs 32 : Mwanaume ni Kuamua. ( A man is to man -up ). There is a flip side to every coin, Express your Hemotions, and move on, thanking God for the outcome, for true manhood, is defined by God, and never a woman.

And that is your ticket out of the friend zone.

Question is, how willing are you to pay the price of  BFF ?

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