Thoughts on the romans : The equivocal-dubitable Christian & Jesus movies – part 2

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A personal experience :

It was  interesting, in a sad way now that i remember it. I really did know how to put up an act as a ‘christian’. Cause in reality, i was not.
Going for the weekly fellowship meet, sometimes being part of the praise and worship team but caring less about the impact this had on me and more importantly.. the kingdom of God.

The struggle was hard at times, and when the guilt pounds, it hits hard like a jack hammer. And i in several occasions did decide that i’d finally had enough of this, but found myself going back to the same sin over and over again. The withdrawal symptoms were something that i’d gotten used to even becoming comfortable with them. I knew it was wrong but i had enough time to repent. I’ll go for cu or nairet and i’d repent my sins, and God who loves me.. would forgive me. That was my way out.

The deficiency came in when i was required to participate in any form of service to the praise and worship. I would pray but i could feel that the prayers were hitting a barrier. I would play the guitar and be left out when other people were worshiping. I was alone and my sin was my true best friend. That one thing that could satisfy me but leave me feeling blemished and powerless. I was a christian, but didn’t live it. I was ashamed of the Gospel.

The way out : conclusions and after thoughts

psalms 1:2

  ” Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law of the lord, and on His law, he meditates on it day and night ”

Randomly after nairet me and a some three dude friends decided to meet up at one of their places. We did not know what impact this would have on the four of us and others. We even decided to make it an every thursday thing. It was a time where as dudes we could get to meet up and talk about God’s work in our lives and what we have been learning form him the whole week. It was a no holds barred meet. Everything and anything could be said. Any questions would be asked and the guys would be there for you. We did not judge each other but rather we prayed and held each other * accountable. We understood what the other guy was feeling when he admitted to struggling with lust, and his break-up with his girlfriend.

*Accountability to one another is good, in fact its best done if its through members of the same sex. Men understand men and women understand women. Not saying that your girlfriend cannot hold you accountable but there are somethings even if you tried to explain to her.. she wouldn’t understand. 

I’ve come to know that we have within us a breed of lazy christians. Equivocal and dubitable in their own right. Who do not even take time to be with their God. Who run away from God’s convictions and find comfort in their sin. Christians having a form of Godliness but denying it’s power. Whose daily fix is the weekly sunday service or fellowship. Weak christians who struggle with sin but could easily pass for Hollywood actors.

who is to blame for the christian sister who got pregnant but was active member during the praise and worship sessions? whose to blame for the prayer warrior that is now a young father? whose to blame for the christian brother easily swayed by the girl in the mini dress and transparent tank-top revealing her bra? Who is to blame for the sister who is a relationship magnet, who isn’t even sure of the four men she is seeing… who’s the real boyfriend? who is to blame for the bro who can’t go without his daily fix of porn?who is to blame?

All those situations can be you and me. For We have substituted our love for God with our love for men and carnal desires. We say it but don’t really live it : Only God can satisfy. We do not take time to think about the creator of things rather our focus is on the created. Our relationship with God is just a by-the-way. He exists because he cannot cease to Be God anyway. We do submerge ourselves in Him, in his word.

James 4:7
     Submit yourselves Then TO GOD,

This act of submissiveness starts with us. We cannot be preaching water and drinking wine. We cannot be effective disciples first for the Jew then For The gentile if our personal lives are held hostage on a leash by the devil. We cannot be effective teachers of the word if we do not teach ourselves. We cannot be effective doers of the word, if we do not do it ourselves. The only sure way of achieving this : OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD MUST COME FIRST.

Paul says that God had faith in the blood of Jesus, that he presented him as a sacrifice for the atonement of our sins. God loves us so, that being a just a jew/christian is enough to get you God’s judgment. For the good or the bad (rom 2:9-10). And realizing that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that our faith in jesus or the God Deity is not enough to justify us a place in heaven. We might as well be headed to a sad end.

Keeping the law just justifies me as a christian. But in between being justified as one and keeping it, we have left out the major equation..

     The law should make us conscious of our sin, making us have faith in the all powerful God and the blood of Jesus that redeemed us FROM our sin. And it is through that faith we are made righteous before His eyes, and then and only then are we truly justified.

The way i got to overcome all my sin is just surrender, i stopped struggling with myself, i cried out to the Lord, and he saved me again. I gave my life my all to the unknown that i had known since the day i accepted Christ as a 6yr old. I pray that i never tire to constantly seek him day and night. To be not merely a listener but a doer of His word. To crucify my flesh daily, and give it all away That i may become a vessel of honour, pleasing and acceptable to Him. And slowly, the desires that i had started dimming away, i’m constantly finding great fulfillment in my walk as a christian, with God teaching me daily how ’tis so sweet to trust in Jesus… that His promises never fail. That is i remain in Him, he shall manifest himself in me.

Are you a christian?
if so, what type of christian are you?
How is your relationship with God?
And If you believe you are Justified, are you ashamed of the Gospel?
If You’re not, are You teaching the Jew?
If you have done that already… then Go preach to the gentile, and win souls for the Glory and fame of His name.

lover of God,
lover of Man,
Lover of Music.

One thought on “Thoughts on the romans : The equivocal-dubitable Christian & Jesus movies – part 2

  1. how true this is!i can really relate to this,surrender is an actual place where you simply surrender,let go n let God.realising tht salvation is as a result of Grace nt works tht i should boast.

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