Of light mirth & serious Jesus Issues.

Today being a Sunday, ( cause my calendar at least says it is, then obviously it definitely is and if you don’t believe me go ask yours! Pfttttt) I went to church quite early, the sermon is something i’m sure  i’ll get to share about, one day. So y’all should go to church and share what you learnt!!! ( someday, right?)  But let’s be real I’m sure some of you be like this guy …

…lol don’t get me wrong, not that I’m holier than thou cause I did, or i’m judging you.. no. But you prolly has some good reason for not going to church. Like ‘mæn my whole body is aching! I can hardly move my appendages and seriously… if I go to church, I can’t dance like David danced… and I’ll feel bad about it…’

Yeah. Us fellow believers be like ,’ we gotta lay hands on those limbs bro’, ‘shetani ashindwe maze’ (the devil be defeated), .’. * nodding in the affirmative* The body is willing but the body is weak?
While I’m sure those that did go, and those who didn’t ( for very believable and understandable reasons btw), and those who don’t go to baptist churches( not that I have anything against those who do..) you probably had a praise and worship session. This activity is usually pan-dimensional. For some, it takes them to an all-time-high that they won’t experience for the next 6days/weeks/years, for some it’s just a matter of hours, for some they came with ulterior motives & are left in the pan, as others go dimensional. I have been caught up with the pans of His bride severally, while severally  joining the dimensionals. That’s Christianity for you. Tim Hawkins made an observation, that generally reflects this act usually accompanied by hand signals.. ( totally non-denominational).

Question: what types of hand movements do you frequent?

I’m a member of the praise and worship team in my church plant (pcea kasarani). Although located in an urban setting/neighborhood, it still has Kikuyu and swahili songs sang during praise and worship in the English service. Experiencing this, I be like, ( to the stand in keyboardist) ‘bro, we gotta change the situation at hand man! we gotta follow protocol that they so unwaveringly do ( coming to church on Sundays). We gotta make the sessions more lively, and different, and urbanized, and current. We gotta hit ’em direct, not alternating,’ (he didn’t get that). ‘
So we learn ‘fairly new common ‘songs during praco and on Sunday, this guy mwanamziki picks up the mic. Checklist *Worship band ready- yes. Background vocals– yes Lettssssdothisss,* he says. And this pretty much describes his experience ..

True story bro’.
But the the good fight must go on, I encouraged him. And so did a few mentions on twitter. Thanks wahinya 🙂
Then again we walk by faith and not by sight. Ama?

No? OK.
Though Sometimes I pick up my guitar( my phoebe), and play THE CHORD, THE HOLIEST OF CHORDS IN THE PLANETARY GALAXIES! – G SUS.!! Yes it is, just Google “the holiest chord” and you’ll see. For the believers/ for y’all who don’t know it yet/wanna know it/ you wouldn’t mind to know it/ future reference, here’s to save you from all that googling hustle..

… then i’d whisper to myself , ‘G sus saves.’ Lqtm.

::- Now lets talk about Jesus, it’s about to get serious!!!!
So you were in church singing that hymn you love…’ pass me not oh gracious savior..’ , you truly felt that btw, if he did come, and you still lived in the old testament you’d fly away with pegasus reined to a chariot, Just like Elijah. And you will be singing along to casting crowns ‘Oh glorious day’ !
So let’s just say you go to your local supermarket/kiosk/mall/mama benjah’s then you come across this..

Daaang! Yeap, truly he was.
–  Matthew 7:21
‘ Not everyone who says to me lord lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father WHO is in heaven’ (NIV)

How often do we do things or commit acts that we generally know are unworthy and displeasing before God? or occasionally have deep visceral convictions about ‘these things’ but ignore them? For all we know, the Mayans were wrong,  and since we already in 2013..

Not so Close call mayans. Fyuks!!!
We ignore the all sufficient power, all providing nature of God and substitute him for ‘these things’. We search for pleasure that only lasts for a season (sex, drugs, money, affluence, influence etc) instead of seeking a God who is eternally pleasing.
And if murinho (coach of real Madrid fc) would come to you, in person and be like.. ‘dude, you got it all wrong, store up your riches in heaven ( Matthew 6:20) and Jesus is the way, truth & life (john 14:6) ..stop with the lies, and deception for your body is his temple. (1st Corinthians 6:19-20) ‘ you’d be like ..’ no way, José.
Truth is, this is how Jesus feels when we go against his will and commandments..

And we don’t even realize it cause it’s not gonna end soon anyway. first it was Harold campings’ may 21 2011 & recently the Mayans EPIC FAILLL!! . Just Don’t be freaked out when you go to the supermarket to buy water cause Nairobi water company Are just a pain .
Matthew 24:36
..” no one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the father’

My take:
Sort out your walk with God RIGHT NOW. And be conscious ready. And if you didn’t know, now you know..

                                                   JESUS SAVES!!!

I for one I would want to find the water still there & next thing I know… *PEGASUS BABYYYYYYY* 😀


Credits and due reference :
Check out the following site, that’s where I got most of the memes from :
www.churchoflaugh.com – too hilarious right? Loool
Some are meme generated.
Go to YouTube, search for Andy Mineo- Christian hip-hop artist, influences me greatly.
For the Tim Hawkins pic – originally from pinterest & this guys blog.

lover of God,
lover of Man,
Lover of Music.

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