Introduction, Acknowledgments and Note below.

Regardless of their situation or need, one has to start from somewhere in order to better themselves, right? (Like two for example comes after one. Irrelevant.)
And now this is addressed to all those who stumble/referred to or by/overhear overheard/just happened to/just remembered that/curious ones/ interwebers/looking for answers(hope you find some)/seen on the TL/retweeted by/ and I don’t think I can exhaust all the types of unique visitors that will happen to read this particular post. But who rarely reads the introduction, right?

Books: I have never cultured a consistent reading pattern ( = I don’t like reading ) But I don’t mind reading, as long as it’s not the acknowledgements or introduction sections, which unless I’ve been referred to read, or at least the title text seems a tad bit interesting or not, right?
Then again I don’t understand why you’re expected to answer my questions, right?

Weird, huh?

Just to give you a brief overview as to why I’m doing this:

1. To share and impart: this wordpress site going to touch on various areas of my adult life. Most of it I intend to be scripture based on the bible (NIV) (other translations will be singled out) sired with personal experiences (QT, observations, Meditations and Music). Another way to look at it will be through your eyes,’ cause how else would you be reading this anyway?

2. Random: SHOW ME THE FUNNY!- stupid(not necessarily but generally evoked) posts of things that I consider humorous. I am not for plagiarism. Call me Mr. Kite, I think highly of myself. *BAM*. All materials posted herein that are not originally mine shall be given due reference and credit to the authors/original content creators.

3. Learn: I’m only human. I am not perfect. If by chance I offend you, I stand corrected. If by chance I got my doctrine wrong, I stand rebuked. Do you find the content/images offensive? Please do tell. Don’t refrain from posting all manner of content, criticisms, or comments if need be, but do remember that each and every word that we utter or write in this world is accounted for. By speech. And God, of course.

4. Esse quam videri (to be rather than to appear)- that this may be an avenue to disperse the more that is to me. My character and personality will be greatly displayed in writing and expressions on various issues (as do all other wordpress sites/BlogSpot sites I’ve come across). I am unique. If you haven’t noticed, this is a wordpress site, not a blog.! Above all , I stand unashamed of the gospel  of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16), seek to fulfill the mandate given in Matthew 28:16-20 in each and every way possible while obeying the greatest commandment of all that is Matthew 22:37-40.

5. In the spirit of James 5:16, I have a confession to make. I fear clude, for he cons me to finish up stuff when I don’t really want to. Maybe I should conclude, so as to get even. But isn’t vengeance wrong? Please pray for me? Thanks.

:::::Note Below. More like statement below:::::

-[had to throw in some latin so as to seem well read.]-

lover of God,
lover of Man,
Lover of Music.

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